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Get Plentii done today with our professional bookkeepers who provide signed financial statements at a price you can afford!

Instead of referring you to a Tax Professional, we do your Bookkeeping & file your Business Tax Returns because we are the Business Tax Returns Expert!

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Bookkeeping Isn’t Your Cup of Tea?

Plentii takes care of your accounting from start to finish so you can focus 100% on making your business succeed. You’re not alone.


Get your financial statements & expense overviews to keep you in control of your money & steer your business growth.


We take care of the bookkeeping & most complex accounting for today’s small business owners, entrepreneurs & nonprofits.


Our qualified team of real human Bookkeepers, CPAs & Accountants, are here to help you grow your finances.

Serious About Saving?

Partnering with us is like having a dedicated bookkeeper or CPA on staff without the full time salary.

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Why Choose Plentii?

Bookkeeping is not the end of road for small businesses owners! We can help you lower your taxable income & make sure your Business Income Tax Return is filed on time!

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The Plentii Way!

Experience truly stress free online bookkeeping by real humans & receive a signed financial statement by a CPA.

We Will Get You Set Up

You can count on us to learn the unique ins-and-outs of your business & cheer you on as you succeed.

We Do Your Bookkeeping

Your bookkeeper will import your business transactions & from there the process is reliable & automatic.

We Deliver Financial Reports

Each month, you'll receive a detailed report containing your profit & loss, balance sheet, & cash flow statement for the prior month. Upon request, we will provide you with signed financial statements by a CPA with our premium add on, often required by financial institutions to process business loans & or line of credit.

We File For Your Tax Returns

During tax time, we send everything you need to file. Or let us do it for you with Plentii Tax Solutions. With Plentii Tax Solutions added to your subscription, we will review your Taxable Income & advise you on ways to lower your tax liability before filing your business tax return. We would also be able to file your tax return.

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Why We Are Here!

Plentii is dedicated to creating a world where people are informed. Our mission is to bring Financial Literacy to one million people in partnership with non profit Removing Borders.

How Is This Possible?

Once we receive a signed financial statement by a CPA 1% of our net monthly proceeds goes to educate one person in need of financial knowledge.

Together we will fulfill this mission!

Get Plentii Done!

Join thousands of growing small businesses who trust Plentii with their bookkeeping, accounting, & taxes. We’ll work with you to find the solution & price that fits your business & budget.

Frequently Asked Questions

No, you get human advice from a licensed CPA. The app certainly uses programs & automation to make things simpler but, it won’t entirely rely on this.

Packages start at $299.

Because we are an online company, we do our bookkeeping for small businesses with very, very low overhead costs. That frees us up to focus more on helping you, as our customer!

Yes! Support is included in your plan. Your dedicated finance expert is happy to answer any questions you might have. We strive to respond to inquiries in a business day or less.

We have over a thousand customers ranging in all sizes & covering many industries. We take care of the bookkeeping & most complex accounting for today’s small business owners, creatives, startups, freelancers, independent contractors, digital entrepreneurs, high-growth technology startups, ecommerce providers, professional services, non–profits & more.

Pricing & Plans

During your free phone consultation, we’ll evaluate your business & current monthly expenses to determine which subscription plan is the best fit for your business.

Our bookkeeping, accounting, & tax plans are based on a monthly subscription model with transparent pricing that scales with your expense rate & your business needs such as connected institutions, bills, & invoices. See our pricing page for more details.

Yes all Plentii plans include monthly bookkeeping for up to 15 financial accounts. This includes bank accounts, loans, merchant processors, & credit card accounts. If your business has more than 15 accounts, chat with one of our Sales Development Representatives for a custom quote. Our additional add-on services are Tax, accounting, CPA services, & more.


Yes, absolutely. You can cancel at any time. Our plans are on a month-to-month subscription, no service contract necessary & we will make sure you get your financials from Plentii if you ever decide to cancel.

Plentii Software & Security

We partner with QuickBooks software to manage your bookkeeping & accounting.

We use the latest innovative technology to complete your taxes. Drakes software for personal & Taxwise for business.

We connect your bank accounts, loans, merchant processors, & credit card accounts to QuickBooks for a seamless data transfer. Sometimes we we’ll collect documents from you like receipts & other financial statement, to ensure the information we have is accurate. If you need to share files with your bookkeeping team, it’s as simple as dragging & dropping a file into your secured portal.

Plentii does all of its bookkeeping in QuickBooks online because it offers top quality security, industry standards, & it’s data portability meaning you are not locked in if you decide to move from Plentii, your data will go with you in a format that is immediately available & useful.

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